Welcome to the City of Worthington Hills!

We are a community of approximately 675 families, located in eastern Jefferson County on Westport Road, and near the Chamberlain Lane Ford Plant.  Residents, tenants, and visitors within our city limits are governed by all laws, codes, regulations, and ordinances of the Untied States of America, Commonwealth of Kentucky, Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government, and City of Worthington Hills.

City Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 PM in the Meeting Room at the Holiday Inn Express located at 3711 Chamberlain Lane.


Volunteers are needed immediately

The City Commission has approved funding for the following two Community Events during 2020:

Spring Egg Hunt scheduled for April 4th – Time to be determined

It’s been years since our City has held an “Egg Hunt”, and we want to revive this annual tradition.  But in order to do so, we need volunteers to step up and help make it happen.   We have already ordered and received the plastic eggs, so it’s just a matter of planning different events by age group, acquiring some donated prizes and consolation items from local merchants, and filling 1000 plastic eggs with a numbered slip of paper before April 4th.  On April 4th we’ll need to have volunteers to ‘age zone’ our Green Space, hide eggs in each zone, be Safety Referees, and staff the Egg Redemption Table, where the kids will redeem their numbered slips of paper for prizes and consolation items.

 Let’s make this fun event happen for our City’s kids!


Community Festival – Date & Time to be determined

We’re also hoping to introduce another annual event, a ‘Community Festival’.  This fun filled social gettogether is planned for mid to late September or early October.  Funding for this event will be included in our Annual Budget, so there’s an immediate need for volunteers to begin planning it now.


Please email our City Clerk, Bev Lush, to volunteer for either or both events.

City Directory

All Emergencies – Dial 911

Before You Dig – Dial 811

Public Safety & Health Commissioner - Dennis Metcalf
(502) 243-8415 ext 1

Utilities Commissioner - Linda Beville
(502) 243-8415 ext 2

Road Maintenance Commissioner - Carol Campbell
(502) 243-8415 ext 3

Property Maintenance CommissionerHarold Hall
(502) 243-8415 ext 4

City Clerk - Beverly Lush
(502) 243-8415 ext 5

City Treasurer - Dan Small
(502) 243-8415 ext 6

City Attorney - Steve Schwager
(502) 243-8415 ext 7

Mayor - Robert Stonum
(502) 243-8415 ext 8

Request for Tax Information
(502) 243-8415 ext 9 (for instructions)

General Information
(502) 243-8415 ext 0 (voice mail)

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